Therapy Services believes that everyone should be able to live life to the fullest. Through a personalized plan, staff work with adults in speech-language, physical and occupational therapy to reach their goals and transfer learned skills to home and the community, taking life in their own direction.
About therapy
Individuals age 18 and older may enroll in adult therapy.

A comprehensive evaluation will be completed with individuals who present with orthopedic, neurological and mobility concerns. 

Additionally, we evaluate sensory, fine motor and visual perceptual skills. Cognitive, communication and swallowing defecits are addressed through speech-language therapy.

Therapy Expectations
Personalized, functional goals and strategies are developed to facilitate progress and the transfer of skills to other settings. Strategies may include our warm water pools, exercise protocols, self-care activities, memory tasks and feeding/swallowing trials. 

Engaging the family and others in supporting the individual is essential to maximizing the benefits of therapy. Our therapists are specifically trained to work with adults and have received specialized certification from organizations including the Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation Institute.

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To learn more about CP's adult thearpy program, take a tour or make a referral, contact us at (920) 337-1122 x1220.

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