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Finding the care your child needs can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why our therapy team believes in working with parents each step of the way. From developing a plan of care together and involving you in therapy visits, to sharing tips and activities you can incorporate at home, you can count on CP Therapy Services to provide not only the best care, but the right care.
CP Therapy Services focuses on pediatric occupational, physical and speech-language therapy, providing services for a variety of conditions including:
Physical DisabilitiesCognitive & Developmental Delays
Behavioral/Emotional ConcernsCommunication Disorders
Sensory Processing DysfunctionFeeding & Swallowing Concerns
Toe WalkingTongue Ties
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From mild developmental delays to medically complex cases, our team is experienced and equipped to help your child meet their goals. Learn how we can help work with your child and find success.

CP accepts most major insurance plans. Learn more about insurance accepted and how to talk to your Doctor.

Aquatic Physical Therapy for Adults
Aquatic Physical Therapy services are also provided by our team, and take place in our warm water therapy pools. Aquatic Physical Therapy can be helpful for adults with orthopedic or neurological conditions, as well as pain management/rehab. Learn more >>