CP's professionally trained staff works with people of all ages and all abilities to develop and help them reach their personal skill development goals. 
Skill Development
- All children are provided with daily opportunities to learn, play and to be social 
- Consideration is given to each child’s strengths and abilities
- Modifications are made so that each child can benefit from participating
- Professional staff help each child reach one’s fullest potential in all areas of development, at one’s own pace

Growth Opportunities
These opportunities include:
- Visiting the accessible Robert Cloud Memorial Playground for Children of All Abilities
- Use of the wading pool in the Aquatic Center with their teacher and friends
- On-site activities, offered by outside providers, may include swim lessons, computer, dance, karate and more

Build Friendships
CP is committed to: 
- Helping all children develop their ability to make decisions and set goals for oneself
- Working with other children and adults in a cooperative way
- Appreciating and respecting individual similarities and differences