Swim classes at the Aquatic Center are designed to help children gain confidence in the water. See what classes we offer then come swim with us! 

For a current scheudle and pricing, please consult our
Program Guide. Swim lesson descriptions begin on page 13. Open registration for our Winter Session starts December 17 (Janauray 2 - March 29). Plesae call (920) 337-1122 x1211 with quesitons or to register.

Group Swim Lessons
Children will learn to put their faces in the water and float, to kick on their backs (fin kick) and work on arm strokes with their face in the water. We will also learn basic water safety. Children must be able to sit independently and wait for their turn. Offering Beginner I, Beginner II and Intermediate classes. 

Parent & Child Swim Academy
Spend quality time with your child learning skills that you can practice together at the end of each class, or just about anywhere you love to swim! Skills learned and time spent together will last a lifetime.

Level 1 – Ages 6 months – 3 years
Teach your child to be comfortable in the water with songs, games and play. Learn basic safety and pre-swimming skills. Child must be accompanied in the water by an adult. The first 30 minutes is instructor lead, while the last 15 minutes are play time. 

Level 2 – Ages 3 – 5 years 
Instructor led class where you are hands on in the water with your child as they learn swim and safety skills. Playtime is incorporated at the end of class. 

Private Swim Lessons
Private swim lessons are for children ages 3 and over, and are scheduled by appointment only. Please contact the Aquatics Manager at (920) 337-1122 x1218 to schedule an appointment.

Special Needs Group Lessons
Basic water and swimming skills along with therapeutic exercises for children and young adults with special needs. 
An orientation/evaluation is required for new participants before enrollment in this class. Please contact the Aquatics Manager at 
(920) 337-1122 x1218 to schedule an appointment.

Special Needs Parent & Child Aquatics
This 45 minute class is designed for the child with special needs and their adult caregiver. Water safety will be stressed, water acclimation will be introduced and adaptive equipment will be utilized. This class will be structured around the needs and goals of each participant in a group settings with the ultimate goal being the adult caregiver working independently with the child in the water or the child joining a Special Needs Group Lesson class. For ages 4 - 7 years old.

Swim Lesson Practice Pass
Help your little fish gain confidence in the water with our new practice swim pass. This 5-dip pass is sold only to students enrolled in swim lessons at the Aquatic Center. The dips allow students to practice swim time with one supervising adult in the water. Practice swim is only available during open swim times. 

Open Swim Times
The Aquaitc Center has opportunities for families to enjoy our pool during open swim times. Families (living under the same roof, up to five people.) can come for one dip at a time or on a six or one year unlimited pass.  

Mommy & Me Playtime (Daddy, too) 
This playtime, held during independent swim times, is for children ages three and under with a responsible adult in our 92 degree wading pool. Water toys are available! Enjoy one dip at a time, or with a 10 dip pass.