CP Early Education & Care
Childcare Center- Green Bay
Childcare Center- Suamico
License & Accreditation
Promoting inclusion is easy! CLICK HERE to see how we do it at CP.

CP Early Education & Care believes that all children, regardless of ability, should experience a typical learning environment as they grow and play together in an inclusive setting. Children are encouraged to interact with peers, realize potential skills more freely, make new friends and learn about each other.   

All children are provided with daily opportunities to learn, play and to be social in a fun and education setting, with consideration given to each child's strengths and abilities. Our professional staff makes modifications as needed so each child can benefit from participating in class activities and reach their full potential in all areas of development, at their own pace.

- Helping all children develop their ability to make decisions and set goals for themselves.
- Working with other children and adults in a cooperative way.
- Viewing oneself and others in a positive way
- Appreciating and respecting individual similarities and differences.

CP is open to children six weeks to eight years of age. We are licensed for 114 children and offer full-time and part-time care. We are open Monday - Friday from 6:30am - 5:30pm.

Classrooms are grouped by age with our big group including 4K programming.

Infants | 6 weeks - 12 months
Toddlers | 12 - 24 months
Transition | 24 - 30 months
Little | 2.5 - 3 years
Middle | 3 years
Big | 4 - 5 years (Licensed up to 8 years)