Therapy Services | The Kristyn Allen Family
Kristyn and Greg always knew they wanted to start a family. They had their first daughter, Bailey in 2015. Two years later, they were blessed with twins Braelyn and Brielle. 

But at only six weeks old, one of the twins, Braelyn, developed an upper respiratory virus and was hospitalized for 10 days. Kristyn and Greg were told by the doctors that Braelyn had a hole in the lower chambers of her heart. Shortly after returning home, Braelyn developed RSV and was hospitalized again. When her health continued to decline, she was transported to Children’s Hospital and placed on a machine that could better oxygenate her blood. “At that point, I didn’t know what to think,” Kristyn said. “She was just so sick. As a mom, you just go into survival mode and do what you have to do for your child.”

Braelyn beat the odds, and after 72 days at Children’s Hospital, she was finally able to come home. Kristyn and Greg knew Braelyn would need therapy, and the best possible place was CP. 

Braelyn comes to CP for speech and occupational therapy. Much of her work has been focused on feeding and swallowing and overcoming her aversion to foods. “We are at the point where she is eating solid foods and just recently drank from a sippy cup for the first time,” Kristyn said. “That is a huge milestone for Braelyn and we have CP to thank.”

Adult Day Services | The Hansen-Agnew-Giriyappa Family
After significant complications from birth, Eleanor’s newborn baby girl, Deena, suffered from seizures, and spent her first 19 days of life in the NIC-U. Eleanor knew life was going to be different, and to help adjust, she enrolled Deena in therapy services through the birth to three program in Oshkosh shortly after she was born. 

At two years old, Deena was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in addition to her seizure disorder. “I was totally in shock,” Eleanor said.  “I didn’t know anything about cerebral palsy, and there wasn’t a lot of information out there. But, I learned a lot from the people that were helping Deena.” 

Deena started using therapy services at CP in Green Bay the year after she was diagnosed. Eleanor and Deena would travel from Manitowoc, where they now lived, for occupational, speech and physical therapy and use the pools in the Aquatic Center. Today at 23 years old, Deena is a vibrant, active part of CP Lakeshore’s Adult Day Services Program. 

“When I heard about CP Lakeshore opening in Two Rivers, I knew that was the place I wanted Deena to be,” Eleanor said. “I didn’t look anywhere else.” Eleanor was already familiar with CP in Green Bay and being able to attend a CP site closer to home was ideal. Today, Deena is engaged in classes to help her be independent as possible and is happy and thriving. 

“I feel very comfortable at CP Lakeshore,” Eleanor said. “I’m able to talk about Deena’s plan and her goals with the staff and they really take good care of my child, and I know she is happy.”

CP Early Education & Care | The Hoppe Family
When Jenny and Kevin Hoppe’s first child, Gavin was born, they learned he had Spina Bifida. Not only did that bring on a host of questions as new parents, but as two working parents, they wondered if there was a childcare program that would understand Gavin’s needs. They quickly found that place in CP Early Education & Care. 

Due to his diagnosis, Gavin required a catheter that needed to be changed several times a day. “The teachers told me, Jenny, we’ve got this. Let us learn how to do this so you don’t have to worry about it,” Jenny said. “They opened their hearts to my family and our needs, and I knew we were in the right place.” 

In addition to Gavin, now 6 years old, the Hoppe house has added three more kiddos to the family. Sydney (5), Braden (4) and Camden (3) – and each child has attended childcare at CP. In addition to Gavin, brother Braden has Noonan’s Syndrome, a genetic condition where he has complications with this lungs and breathing. 

“Having two children with health issues is challenging, but having them involved in the daycare is a blessing,” Jenny said. “From the moment they entered the infant room to when they graduated from the 4k program, we’ve never questioned whether we were in the right place. CP Early Education & Care has been there for our family and that means everything.” 

CP Aquatic Center | The Fuller Family
Renee is no stranger to CP, having received services over 
a span of 50 years. Renee was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 18 months and began services at CP around two years old. At three years old, she was in the CP Telethon, even getting her picture taken with Ray Nitschke. In more recent years, Renee has spent her time at CP in the Aquatic Center, taking a Joint Motion Class.

From the warm water therapy pools to the friendly staff and instructors, the Aquatic Center has proven to be more than just exercise. “It’s nice because you get to meet other people and even become friends,” Renee said. “We give each other pointers and encourage each other along the way.” 

Taking an aquatic class has also helped Renee be more mobile in her daily life. Everyday tasks are easier to accomplish, she sees increased energy and feels more positive – all important qualities as she and husband,
Bruce, raiser their two children Kayla and Hayden. 

“Coming to the Aquatic Center is something that I know is going to help me, or anyone, in the long run, whether they have a mobility issue or not,” Renee said. It’s just a very positive experience and I think it’s awesome here.”