Amanda | Adult Day Services
“I tell Amanda that when I grow up, I want to be just as strong has her.”

Growing up, Amanda was a healthy young girl. But two weeks before her 16th birthday, she woke up not feeling well. Amanda’s mom, Lisa, says that in a matter of minutes, everything changed. “We didn’t know what was wrong. By the time we got from her doctor in Algoma to the hospital in Green Bay, she had lost consciousness and coded.”

Amanda continued to get worse, so she was moved to Children’s Hospital where doctors ran a battery of tests and diagnosed her with probable central nervous system vasculitis, which is loss of blood flow to brain. Amanda spent much of the next five years at Children’s. “It was a good day when we were able to finally transfer her home,” Lisa said. 

Through it all, Amanda never lost her cognitive ability, her sense of humor or her enthusiasm for life. About five years ago, however, when Amanda was in her 20s, that enthusiasm was replaced by depression. To help, Amanda’s doctor suggested enrolling her in a class at CP. 

That one class ended up making a life altering change in Amanda. “Being with people who shared similar challenges and triumphs really opened her eyes that she’s not alone in this,” Lisa said. “And what it’s done for her self-confidence is amazing. Amanda now has her own friends, her own experiences and she just glows. Much of what we do relates to medical visits so Amanda stays healthy, but this is an outlet that is all her own and we are grateful for it. It’s what she was missing.”
Bayze & Lux | Aquatic Center
“The kids love swimming now. We are in the water all summer long.”

Like many parents, Niki felt it was important for her kids, Bayze and Lux, to learn how to swim. Niki knew exactly where she wanted to go, and registered for swim lessons at the Aquatic Center when Bayze was three. Lux followed a few years later. 

“CP has been an awesome place for my kids to learn swim skills over the last few years,” Niki said. “They both have come such a long way. Bayze is pretty much swimming on his own and Lux just recently started to take off.” Niki says their instructor, Stacey, has been key. “The kids are so happy with Stacey and it makes them want to learn.” 

Niki says coming to the Aquatic Center was the right fit for her family. “It’s just a great program and I’ve become friends with parents who have other children in class, too. We’ve all gotten something out of this experience.” 
Maisy | Therapy Services
“Maisy was put on this earth for a reason, and I think it’s to make other people happy.” 

When Kari Anderson looked at her baby girl, Maisy, born by C-Section at just 33 weeks, she knew.  “I don’t remember much, but I do remember the nurse bringing her over to me and I knew instantly that she had Down Syndrome. No one had said anything to me yet, but I knew.” 

After weeks in the NICU and at Children’s Hospital, Kari and her husband, Dustin, brought Maisy home and started adjusting to their new life. Now at two years old, Maisy is active, having fun and learning new skills. She comes to CP a few times a week to work on feeding skills, how to dress herself and use a spoon and straw. She also works on balance and coordination to help her walk. 

“Maisy is so much further along by coming to CP,” Kari said. “She loves coming here and we are so thankful for the way our family is treated. CP is like another little family to us. It’s an amazing resource and we are blessed to be here.” 
JJ | CP Early Education & Care
“I love that when I pick JJ up from his classroom, all of his friends yell, ‘Bye JJ! See you tomorrow!’” 

When Candice and Tim Burt moved from Florida to Green Bay three years ago, they spent time getting to know the area. That included finding childcare for their youngest child, JJ. “I was going back to work full time and needed care for JJ,” Candice said. “JJ has spina bifida and I was looking for a place that could meet his needs during the day. When we started at CP Early Education and Care, it was a perfect match.” 

Candice says that their family found a sense of community in the childcare program. “Everyone is so awesome to JJ, and the other children don’t treat him differently because of his condition,” Candice said. “He’s always included and the teachers find ways to keep JJ involved, even if it means adapting an activity so he can participate. He’s turned into a social little guy as a result!”   

In addition to childcare, JJ also goes to physical therapy. “He’s working with Mary, who is so great with him,” Candice said. “And the fact he can come right out of his classroom for his PT appointment is so convenient.”

JJ loves coming to childcare and has made lots of friends. “JJ is having fun and learning and I know I can trust them with my child, which is a great feeling.”