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CP Therapy Services is currently offering TeleHealth Services as a way to stay connected with those that need occupational, physical or speech therapies. Speech, occupational and physical therapy disciplines are offering health visits via Zoom, as well as audio calls. Services each discipline can offer include: 

  • General check-in.
  • Problem solve on what is working and not working while trying to help your child progress their gross motor skills at home.
  • Provide solutions to challenges you are having with any exercises we have given you.
  • Progress a home exercise program by using the equipment and tools in your house. We are able to see your environment and the possible tools/equipment can use.
  • Therapists can offer handling tips if you are struggling on how to assist your child in learning motor patterns for their gross motor skills. 
  • Discuss current daily routines and any challenges or successes you may be experiencing.
  • Discuss the home program ideas we’ve given in the past to see how it is/isn’t working.
  • Provide instruction to parents for positioning, strengthening and coordination activities.
  • Provide strategies for sensory modulation using the tools and objects you have in your home. 
  • Work on imitation of sounds, words, and signs.
  • Use of language for expressing wants and needs.
  • Assist with answering questions and following directions
  • Understanding and using vocabulary.
  • Play skills.
  • Instruction for feeding and swallowing skills.
  • General parent education. 
Visits can be as long or as short as needed to cover the concerns and questions you may have.


Sandy Smith | (920) 337-1122 x1220 ssmith@wearecp.org

Please contact your therapist(s) directly to schedule a Telehealth appointment.