It's 3rd and 10, on the 20-yard line. 
CP veterans and rookies alike are giving it all they've got to get us to the end zone - but we need you on our team.
Since the Green Bay Packers Foundation announced CP as the recipient of their 2017 Impact Grant last July, you've helped us raise more than
$230,000, to be generously matched - dollar for dollar - by the Packers. 

The funds from this matching grant mean more people like Brad can participate in classes that develop skills and promote socialization. The funds mean kiddos like Tori can increase their confidence in the water during swim lessons at CP’s Aquatic Center. The funds mean more people like Paul can continue making gains in occupational and physical therapy. These funds mean more infants, children and adults can gain greater independence in the face of any disability.

At the 20-yard line, we're so close to the end zone. The Green Bay Packers Foundation will match up to $250,000 in donations to CP, which means for now, your gift can be doubled. 

Will you join the team and help us get to the end zone?