This Class is on Us... 
Join us at the Aquatic Center for a free class in our warm water pools. Free classes are for current patrons, new patrons and folks who just want to see what we are all about! No need to register, either. 

Class times, dates and descriptions are below. Check out our Program Guide to see what other classes we offer. Questions? Call us at (920) 337-1122 x1211. 

Week of 10/28
M 10/28  Gentle Fitness @ 7:30a
TH  10/31  Gentle Fitness @ 8:00a
F  11/1  Gentle Fitness @ 7:30a

Week of 11/4
T 11/5  Aqua Fit @ 6:30a
TH  11/7 Aqua Fit @ 6:30a
F  11/8  Power to Stretch @ 6:30a

Week of 11/11
T  11/12  Gentle Deep Water @ 9:15a
TH  11/14 Gentle Deep Water @ 9:15a  
F  11/15  Joint Motion Plus @ 9:00a

Week of 11/18
M  11/18  Pain Management @ 6:45p
TH 11/19  Deep Water @ 12:00p

Class Descriptions
Gentle Fitness | This 45 minute class offer shallow water movement to improve agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance with little to no impact. A variety of equipment will be used in this class to help make your time in the water challenging and fun!

Aqua Fit | Focuses on cardiovascular and strength training. The properties of water help strengthen the muscles in all directions, using noodles, weights and other equipment to burn fat, build muscle and have fun. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels, as class instructor offers various exercise options.

Power to Stretch | The properties of warm water assist you in maximizing power and flexibility in your body. Weights and flotation equipment will be used to develop muscle groups. We will finish the class with stretching techniques to increase flexibility and release all of your stress from the week.

Gentle Deep Water | This class utilizes float belts and focuses on the body’s core muscles and focuses on range of motion, flexibility and endurance in order to decrease joint stiffness without putting a strain on your joints and muscles.

Joint Motion Plus | Joint Motion PLUS adds exercises that may incorporate equipment and an endurance component to the original Joint Motion exercise program.

Pain Management | Ease your pain by improving your strength, posture, flexibility and joint mobility while working in warm water at low intensity. Time for relaxation and improved breathing techniques are incorporated. This class is helpful for those with chronic pain conditions and fibromyalgia.

Deep Water | A moderate plus intensity workout that is zero impact. Class includes cardiovascular and strengthening exercises; all done in deep water with float belts. This is a great full body workout utilizing the core muscles. Participants must feel comfortable in deep water.