Welcome! CP's 21,400 sq ft. building addition will be complete and open for business on May 7.

Parking & Traffic | SEE MAP
Broadview Driveway|  Open on Monday, May 7
The Broadview driveway should be used by therapy clients, childcare drop-off/pick-up and visitors. The lot adjacent to the new building will be available for parking.

Large busses for childcare and delivery vehicles (ex. Festival Foods, Birdseye, etc.) can use the one way lane in front of the new building for drop-off and pick-up only.
Parking in this lane is limited to 10 minutes or less. 

Waubenoor Temporary Driveway | Open through current building renovation
The temporary driveway off of Waubenoor should be used by pool patrons, staff and for Adult Day Service drop-off/pick-up.

The traffic flow for those using the temporary driveway off of Waubenoor will remain the same, traveling west behind the building and exiting south, through the Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay parking lot. 

Building Access
May 7 - 18 | NO ACCESS between new and current building
Staff, clients and visitors will have to go outside to gain access to either the Aquatic Center entrance or the new building entrance. 

May 21 | TEMPORARY ACCESS between new and current building
A construction tunnel will provide temporary access between the new and current buidling.