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Tummy Time

Making development fun!

Alyssa Tollefson, Physical Therapist

Tummy time is a crucial part of a child's development. It promotes strength and independence for our little ones! 


1. Why is tummy time recommended? 

Tummy time is crucial in a child's development. It helps provide core, neck and upper body strength. This is obviously vey important for rolling, crawling, sitting up and many more milestones in development. 

2. How to effectively promote tummy time. 
Make sure a child's arms are propped up underneath their body so they can use their arms to push them up. Mirrors also allow children to look up at themselves. Babies also love faces, so older siblings or parents can get on the ground with them and encourage them to get up.There are also tummy time pillows that can assist children in getting up! 

3. How often should a child be doing tummy time? 
Children can start tummy time as soon as they come home from the hospital! It can be done on a parents chest or by holding a child. It is important to start with a few minutes per day then gradually build up to thirty minutes a day which is a good goal.

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