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A gift to CP goes a long way to help children and adults in our community go way beyond what they thought possible. At CP, we celebrate every goal reached, every challenge met and every milestone achieved. Because of you, countless children and adults are able to reach their potential every day.

$50 supports... 
one hour of music therapy for adults with physical, developmental, sensory and communication conditions. Music is a multi-sensory experience that enhances mood, attention and behavior and helps individuals like Perry develop gross motor skills.

$100 funds... 
equipment like feeding chairs that provides stability for a child with special needs, allowing them to eat lunch with their peers, while gaining a sense of independence. This means Will can move, stretch and interact with his environment without risking injury.

$250 provides... 
busing and administration for 30 children or adults to enjoy a community outing. At CP, trips to the zoo, a ball game, or simply out for lunch create a sense of independence and integrate special needs individuals with the greater community.

$500 offers... 
a person like Mauree an entire year of aquatic exercise twice a week to improve body strength, balance and functional mobility. After a rare neuro-immune disorder paralyzed her from the waist down, Mauree worked with staff at the Aquatic Center and regained her ability to walk.

$1000 means... 
making a connection with someone who may seem impossible to reach – subsidizing a communication device that enables a non-verbal client, like Vicky, to express herself to loved ones and caregivers.

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Director of Donor Engagement & Marketing
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