Client Stories

Sara's Story
Sara has been enrolled in Green Bay - Adult Day Services for a little over 20 years and has a primary diagnosis of CP (Cerebral Palsy) which affects her articulation, her mobility and causes her to experience chronic pain. 

Sara is an incredibly expressive and creative individual. She thrives in environments where she is able to use these attributes particularly in her art classes. She has participates in Texture & Textiles, Pinterest, and Painting classes, and is very expressive and will make positive and high-pitched vocalizations throughout the process of creating her projects. While Sara works on the projects in our Adaptive Art Studio, she loves to paint her projects independently. She shrieks throughout and loves to show people her work while they assert the beauty that she is creating. 

Sara has worked on short-term measureable goals to build her skills to a point where she becomes more successful with her objectives since her enrollment in programming. One of Sara’s current goals is to make her own choices related to her class activities. Since Sara is so full of life and enthusiastic, sometimes it can be hard for her to focus on her wants for class activities. Staff support Sara with cues and encouragement so that she can focus on her wishes regarding the activities that are presented to her.

As her Service Coordinator, I have known Sara for 10 years and she continues to teach me how to be a worthy human. Since Sara is so genuine and honest, she has shown me that the best and most sincere connections happen when you are fully yourself. I appreciate her showing me the importance of being vulnerable and authentic.

- Carrie White, Service Coordinator