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Nora's Story

Hearing that your child needs therapy can be daunting for any parent. When Nora first came to CP, starting speech, occupational and physical therapy was a scary thing for her and her family.
Nora was born premature at 27 weeks, and complications as a result of being premature caused her to have Cerebral Palsy. Nora started attending CP right before her first birthday and the main focus was to work on independence so she could eat solid foods and get around to the best of her ability.
Therapy services provided Nora and her family with comfort and reassurance that although Nora’s path is different, she can have a prosperous life. By creating a supportive and nurturing environment, Nora was able to learn what’s possible.
Today, Nora is thriving in therapy! She started attending CP’s daycare and walks on her own using a gait trainer. Her arms have less tone, making reaching for toys and playing easier. Nora also continues to make gains with her balance and standing, and is becoming more vocal. The best part is that Nora is making new friends and becoming a playful little girl!
Our therapy services department is familiar with treating many diagnoses ranging from Autism, Neurological Conditions, Cerebral Palsy, and much more!

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