Construction has begun on CP's 21,400 sq ft. addtion and renovation project! When completed, the new space will help meet the needs of CP’s growing programs and allow us to unlock even more potential. 
LIVE Construction Progress


Construction Begins at CP!
The shovel went in the ground on May 2, 2017, and got our project officially underway! Since then, CP has been moving full steam ahead to ensrue that all of our clients and families can find their way through the construction! It will be a bit messy around CP for the next 16 months - but will be well worth it in the end! Be sure to check back often for any new parking, traffic and construction updates.

Constuction Traffic Flow & Parking Map

You Can Still Lend Your Support
While the excitement of construction is in the air, we continue to work behind the scenes to meet our fundraising goal of $7 million.

Your support will help CP grow. More capacity at our site adds up to
remarkable gains for our community:

Adult Day Services >30% increase or 30 people/day 
Childcare >20% increase or 16 people/day 
Therapy Services >10% increase or 31 people/month

These changes will benefit every program CP offers and every person who comes to us for help. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support CP and the buidling project, please contact Callie Sherman at (920) 337-1122 x1202 or at