CP is Back!

May 26, 2020 1:03 pm

Like many businesses and organizations in Northeast Wisconsin, we reopened the doors of CP today. And, just like others, we reopened a bit differently than before. Face masks, temperature taking and social distancing have become the sudden norm. We do this, not out of fear of COVID-19, but to do our part to protect clients, families and staff for as long as needed.

For the last several weeks, our team has worked to develop a plan of operating in the new normal, taking all of the important health factors into consideration. We developed new guidelines, policies and safety measures. We consulted the CDC and county health departments. We have sought advice from
area medical providers, just to be certain what we were putting in place was the right course of action. We spent time combing over details, questioning how to put policy into practice, gathering supplies and putting up signage. Finally, after weeks of work, we felt ready to safely reopen.
And what happened when we opened a few hours ago? A few bumps in getting people through the door, sure, but we overwhelmingly saw so many more welcoming cheers from staff who haven't seen each other in two months, big smiles from clients who are so happy to be back and just a general sense of excitement from everyone about being at CP and ready to work, just in a new way. This vibrant energy easily took the spotlight away from new safety procedures. In fact, it was almost surprising to see all of this elation around the building, but it really shouldn't have been. We were so focused on making sure we were reopening safely, that it was easy to forget that when you get people together, it brings a totally different dynamic. Our team and clients were simply ready to be back, masks and all.  It's a new vibe, but a very, very good vibe around CP today.

And while the safety of everyone at CP will always be our top priority, we won't let that turn into fear and we certainly won't let that stop our clients from making the gains they've been working so hard toward.

This morning reminded our team that what we are facing isn't insurmountable. We just have to find another way over the hill. We are here, ready to help clients meet their goals, and celebrate every milestone achieved. We have a rejuvenated love and commitment to the community we've been so proud to be a part of for more than 65 years and we are committed, more than ever, to helping everyone live the life they want and go beyond what they thought possible.

It was an inspiring day, indeed.


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CP Sure is Thankful

May 11, 2020 7:52 am

Last week we all had a lot to be thankful for. And more the 80 of you shared your messages of thanks with CP during #GivingTuesdayNow. Messages that we posted to our thankful wall right at CP. And to end the day, we announced a gift matching opportunity. Donations made to CP would be matched (up to $3000) by the Kris Van Dinter family. You can still make your donation if you'd like.

In the end, our #GivingTuesdayNow virtual event turned out pretty amazing. You never know what you are going to get from virtual participation, and this far exceeded our expectations. To me, it was proof that not only are we really in this together, but we are all excited and looking forward to being at CP again soon. 

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What's Been Inspiring You? I Have a Few Suggestions...

Apr. 7, 2020 11:47 am

So, we are on day ??? of the safer at home order in Wisconsin. How are we all doing? I know it's hard. For some, it's harder than you thought, and although we know staying at home is the right thing to do, it can feel like you are reaching your limit. At some point, we crave interacting with people, getting back to a routine, doing things, going places. All those feelings are completely valid and totally understandable, but we need to hold tight just a bit longer.

I've seen both sides the COVID-19 effect, mainly on social media, but also around where I live. People are either totally engaged, crafting away, trying new recipes and taking walks, or they are going stir crazy, binge watching whatever is on Netflix and worrying about gaining the "pandemic 19" from sitting on the couch and letting eating habits slide.

The important thing to remember is that it doesn't have to be one or the other. You don't have to be a Pinterest project champ (I'm talking to you, Pinterest class people) or a complete couch potato all the time. There can, and most likely will be, days during this time when you are both, and that is okay. One day you might be willing to tackle that bathroom painting project (still getting myself psyched up for that), and on another, you might decide that watching all 22 episodes of season three of Private Practice is a great idea (don't judge).

What I'm saying is don't criticize yourself too harshly here. We've never been through something like this before, so just take one day at a time. Be aware of your feelings. If you're becoming sad or lonely, or just not yourself, look for help. But know that how you are feeling right now, is okay.

Remember the good that is happening right now. It may not be a perfect world, but there have been some pretty cool and inspiring things that have come from all of this. Have you seen any episodes of Some Good News with John Krasinski on Facebook? This makeshift newscast by Krasinski, with graphics designed by his kids, is all about focusing on the good things happening in the world right now - and it's kind of funny. Watch if you can.

Closer to home, a friend of CP, Dan Rafferty (half of the NEW Piano Guys) is holding Facebook live by request shows a few times a week on his page, Play It Again, Dan. The first time he did it was somewhat impromptu and was only supposed to last 30 minutes, but turned into two hours. It's a great way to spend some time with family and listen to some great music. I highly recommend.

Just outside my door, my neighbors have been busy decorating every inch of the sidewalk in front of their house with inspirational messages. These are great daily reminders. In fact, I've seen messages like this all around my neighborhood when I take my dogs for a walk.

My sincere hope that is these are the only two blog posts that we will miss. I'll think of something to post on March 30 (today is taken care of), even if it can't be what I talked about above. Feel free to subscribe to our blog by sharing your email as well, so that when we do get back to normal, you won't miss anything.

To everyone: be well, stay safe. I think everyone at CP - clients and staff alike - are missing each other a lot right now. You should head over to CP's Facebook page and check out what everyone is doing while we are closed. In this trying time, our clients and staff have found wonderful ways to get through all of this with laughter, fun and grace.

Stay healthy and safe.

UPDATE: As we have learned the last few weeks, things change quite rapidly. There is now news of yet another change for WI regarding COVID-19. Please stay safe everyone. Perhaps I'll have to think of another post for week three after all. 

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An Uncertain Time...

Mar. 18, 2020 4:14 pm

Well, this certainly isn't the blog post that I thought I'd be sharing this week. COVID-19 has certainly kept us busy creating plans and sharing information, only to have them change a few moments later. CP certainly isn't alone in this - my personal email inbox has been full of updates and changes over the last week from school, businesses and restaurants. I think we are all just trying to manage the best we can with the information we have. And so, life goes on...

CP has made some decisions regarding our programming due to COVID-19 that we'd like to tell you about. Today, Wednesday, March 18 at 5pm through Friday, April 3, all of CP's facilities will close. This includes our Green Bay, Kimberly and Two Rivers locations.

We did not take the importance of this decision lightly. We understand that many families rely on CP to care for their loved ones. However, after much discussion, we thought it was necessary in order to protect the health of our clients, families and staff, which is, and always will be, our top priority.

What will happen after Friday, April 3?
Unfortunately, no one really knows what will happen. Although it feels like we finally have a minute to catch our breath, everything could change again. After the two weeks are concluded, CP will assess the situation before making decisions about programming. Those decisions will be communicated as quickly as possible.

Thank You
With everything going on, CP would like to thank our clients, families and especially our amazing team of employees for standing with us through it all.

More changes may lie ahead, but with such amazing support, there isn't anything we can't overcome.

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Another CP Telethon is in the Books!

Mar. 10, 2020 7:55 am

Well, another CP Telethon is done and, yet again, we have so much to be thankful for. $1,458,664 reasons to be exact.

From the performances, to the hosts, WBAY, the VIPs, our own CP team and, of course, everyone who called in and donated, it all just came together.  

Not only did we break another fundraising record, we had one of our best shows yet, with dance and music performances all by local groups and organizations. But one of the real highlights had to be our live remotes that featured CP programs and our in-studio interviews highlighting some pretty amazing clients and the gains they have made. Looking back, now two days post-Telethon, it was a weekend to be proud of.

Our biggest thanks of all needs to go to our community and the people and businesses who make it a point to call in their pledge every year. From $5 to $1,000, every donation makes a real difference to our clients all year long.

So, thank you, Northeast Wisconsin, for your generosity, compassion and support of CP and our families. We couldn't have done it without you. 

If you missed the weekend, you can still make a donation to the CP Telethon here

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Growing in the Fox Cities

Feb. 18, 2020 8:24 am

This is an exciting time for CP. So many new projects are in the works, including our big move in the Fox Cities! Today, marks day two in our new CP Fox Cities location on Truman Street in Kimberly, and the future looks oh so bright.  

After five years at our current CP Fox Cities location, we were busting at the seams and moving to a larger site was an important need. It's a small move just around the corner from our first location, but it means big things. While we now have more room for our clients, it also means we'll be able to serve even more people. But on a larger scale, it means that CP Fox Cities is here to stay, serving the Fox Cities area.
When we opened the doors five years ago, we thought the families would be lined up for services, and there were a few months of uncertainty when that didn't happen. But, we were serving a small, dedicated group of families who, along with the staff, wanted to see CP Fox Cities work.

As our name got out there and as we developed relationships, we started to see growth. It was the growth we knew could happen, but just at a slower pace than anticipated.

Today, CP is firmly embedded in the Fox Cities, providing adult day services programming for families from the communities of Appleton, Chilton, Neenah, Menasha and more. We are connected with schools and other community organizations like Fox Cities Symphony, Expressive Therapies and Fusion Martial Arts, and have become a resource that people in our community have come to know and rely on.

As we move into our larger space and open the doors, we are looking forward to welcoming more families and be even more connected with the community.

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Fusion Foundation Provides Opportunity for Everyone to Dance

Feb. 10, 2020 9:41 am

There are so many great organizations in our community that provide inclusive opportunities. This week, CP wanted to highlight one of those organizations. Meet the Fusion Foundation.

The Fusion Foundation started from the idea that everyone should be able to dance, no matter the cost or person's ability. Not only does the Fusion Foundation offer dance scholarships, they also develop dance experiences for people from all walks of life. No matter the obstacle, age, set-back or disability, if someone wants to dance, the Fusion Foundation tries to bring that experience to them. 

One of the programs started by the Fusion Foundation is their LEAD program. Standing for Limitless Enriched Adaptive Dance, the program provides an enriching atmosphere for children and adults with special needs to experience dance through special clinics, field trips and community dance classes.

Last year was CP's first time partnering with the Fusion Foundation. Children and adults with special needs were invited to participate in a morning dance clinic, then everyone headed over to WBAY and performed their dance on the annual CP Telethon. It was an amazing moment, and one of the top highlights of the show.

Watching this group, who had only come together a few hours before, perform, work and help each other while having fun - at that moment, you could see CP's mission alive and thriving in every face on that stage.

It's very fulfilling to work with so many wonderful organizations in the community that are like-minded and want to offer opportunities for everyone - no matter the ability. It's even better when we can come together to make that happen.

The LEAD dance clinic will be returning to the CP Telethon on Sunday, March 8. The clinic will take place at CP that morning, and is open to children (8+) and adults with special needs. You can register at The cost is only $8 for what should be an experience to remember.

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Getting to Know Deena: Adult Day Services Feature Family

Feb. 3, 2020 12:42 pm

The CP Telethon is right around the corner, and as we continue to plan the event, finalize the details and line up the entertainment, it's important to take a minute and remember what the CP Telethon is really all about.

Most think of Telethon as this big community tradition - an opportunity to thank those who have given to CP during the year, seeing friends and family on TV as they answer phones on a VIP panel and hear great live entertainment. And Telethon is all of those things.

But it's also a celebration of people. Those with disabilities, and those without. Those who make an impact every day. Those who set a goal, work hard and reach it. It's learning and understanding that people of all abilities make up the communities we live in.

That's one of the reasons why Telethon has Feature Families. A Feature Family is a client or family that represents what CP is all about. Feature Families are a reflection of the amazing human spirit we see at CP every day.  

So, we'd invite you to get to know our first Feature Family a bit better: Deena, her mom, Eleanor and step-father, Ron. Deena attends CPLakeshore, CP's Adult Day Services program located in Two Rivers. There, Deena participates in classes that help her be as independent as possible, while interacting with her peers and building new skills.

Deena and her family will appear on Telethon on Sunday, March 8. We hope you can tune in to hear her story and how CP has made a difference. In the meantime, check out our sneak peek of Deena in the video below.

Next week, we'll introduce you to another Feature Family. Of course, be sure to watch the CP Telethon LIVE on WBAY on March 7 & 8 where you'll meet all of our Feature Families, our amazing staff and other clients. You'll be glad you did!

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Making Sense of Autism - A Parent Guide

Jan. 27, 2020 10:31 am

Autism is a word we hear a lot, but may not totally appreciate, and it's easy to understand why. The word autism represents many different things and can mean many different things. You may have also heard the phrase "autism spectrum." This refers to the range of conditions a child with autism may have and can include sensory processing challenges, communication issues and behavioral challenges.

For a parent, finding out their child has autism can be a daunting and scary realization. While receiving an autism diagnosis may answer some questions, a whole new set of questions start to formulate, the first on most minds being now what?

Finding the Right Autism Services
Autism services can take on many forms and can include specialized occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech-language therapy. Services can be completed in school, through out-patient therapy, a highly structured in-home program or perhaps a combination of programs. Finding autism services and the right team to develop an individualized care plan can be a lot to navigate, but resources like the parent guide shared below can be helpful.   

Other parent resources include Autism Speaks, Autism Now and My Autism Team.

No matter where you seek services, just about everyone will tell parents the same thing: make connections. Talk to others through a parent support group, a social media group, or whatever you are most comfortable with. These groups can be a tremendous source of support and resources as you navigate the future. Most importantly, they will remind you that you aren't alone.  

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So Much is Happening at CP - Don't Miss a Moment!

Jan. 20, 2020 1:29 pm

2020 is well underway at CP - and you aren't going to want to miss a second of it! CP is busier than ever, with some exciting announcements to share.

CP Expands Daycare Program to Howard
CP Early Education & Care HowardCP Early Education & Care, our incisive childcare program, is opening a second location in Howard, WI this July. It's a brand new daycare site, but with the same quality programming and personalized care we've been providing children for more than 25 years. We are currently enrolling, so if you are looking for daycare services or know someone who is, contact Mary Campbell at (920) 337-1122 for more information.

A new site also means our staff is growing. CP has several daycare teacher positions available that include a hiring sign on bonus. Help us spread the word! 

CP Fox Cities is Moving
In February, CP Fox Cities, our Adult Day Services program in Kimberly, WI, will be moving to a new facility. Our new site is located at 1020 Truman Street, quite close to our current building. While it's a small move around the corner, the impact for our client families is big, with almost 2,000 sq. ft. of additional space, designated classrooms, an enclosed kitchen and an upgraded sensory room.

Since we opened CP Fox Cities in 2015, we've seen steady growth. Today, we have solidified our place in the Fox Cities as a true community resource, here to help clients be as independent as possible while supporting their families.

CP Telethon March 7 & 8
Telethon season is in full swing at CP. Be sure to tune into WBAY on March 7 & 8 for a fun show with lots of entertainment and inspiring stories. Speaking of entertainment, are you looking for things to do in the Greater Green Bay area? Check out our website for more information on some awesome community events coming up over the next several weeks that are supporting CP. You'll see many of these organizations make a stop at Telethon to present a check of their fundraising efforts.

And this is just the first half of 2020! Be sure to subscribe to our blog or sign up to receive CP emails (we promised not to abuse the privilege) so you are always clued in to CP events, community events, client stories and CP updates.  

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Winter Wheelchair Safety

Jan. 14, 2020 12:38 pm

The holidays may be over, but winter weather is still here, and will be for a few more months. Love it or hate it though, snow means something different when discussing winter safety and those that use a power wheelchair or other mobility equipment to get around town.

It can be very problematic for someone in a wheelchair to travel in the winter months. There is a higher risk of getting stuck in the snow, or worse, falling and getting hurt. Think of it this way: you'd be upset if the streets in your city weren't clear of snow for you to travel safely on, right? The same idea applies to sidewalks and people who use wheelchairs.

There is one simple thing you can do to help with winter wheelchair safety: be sure that sidewalks on your block and place of business are clear of snow and ice. It sounds like an easy request, but as the winter wears on, and shoveling gets old, pathways tend to get a bit narrower. Be sure to not only keep sidewalks clear, but wide enough for someone using a wheelchair to pass.

Even more neglected are curb cutouts. Curb cutouts are where the sidewalk grades down to meet the adjoining street. They are typically located at the end of street blocks and in parking areas where there is a curb. Curb cutouts make getting around more accessible for those using wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. When a cutout or parking lot isn't clear, people using a wheelchair are literally stuck, and are left with limited options, like traveling in the street, which is a safety risk.
Spending just a few extra minutes to make sure your sidewalks and curb cutouts are clear ensures that everyone traveling outside in the winter can do safely!

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CP Telethon Feature Family Reveals!

Jan. 6, 2020 12:41 pm

Happy New Year from CP and welcome to 2020!

While the New Year usually means resolutions, at CP, it always means the start of planning for the annual CP Telethon. 2020 marks the 66th year for Telethon, which will broadcast live on WBAY on March 7 & 8. Not only has the CP Telethon become a local tradition over the years, it's also the longest running local telethon in the country, something CP is quite proud of. 

While the Telethon is CP's largest fundraiser of the year, it also presents a unique opportunity to give the Greater Green Bay area community an inside peek at what goes on at CP every day. In addition, Telethon gives us the chance to thank the people and local businesses that support CP all year long.

During the month of January, we'll be introducing you to our four Telethon Feature Families. These are families that use CP for childcare, adult day services, therapy services and the aquatic center. Each family will be sharing their own inspirational story, and you'll learn more about each family over the coming months.

In fact, our first Feature Family is being revealed today! We invite you to meet the Kristyn Allen family, then keep a watchful eye on CP's Facebook page, as our three other Feature Families will be revealed over the next few weeks.